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Weekly Readings 20240531

Day one owners, what’s your Vision Pro status?

Use it daily for pleasure, not work.
I use it for hours daily for work. And sometimes for media consumption. I find the media consumption usage is limited by not wanting to alienate others in the house. But to help me focus on work (remote, work from home) it’s exactly what I hoped it would be. Head to the moon, turn on some binaural beats or go to the mountains and just work among nature - 👌

Reddit 上看到这个帖子,粗略浏览下来,很多人落灰了,不满。高强度使用的场景仍然是内容消费和办公,符合预期。然后高频度使用的人基本都提到了自己佩戴比较舒适,而且眼睛也没有难受。

Controlling the Taylor Swift Eras Tour wristbands with Flipper Zero

On that board are two RGB LEDs, a little microcontroller, a little bit of EEPROM and an infrared diode to receive a signal. So, simply put, PixMob works by installed a really big (and moveable) IR remote control (you can read about this on their website here) and transmitting commands to the bracelets to produce colours, fades, flashes, etc. Cute.


ICQ is shutting down after almost 28 years

Your ICQ number is finally shuffling off to the great beyond. Russian company VK, which has been the service’s steward since 2010, published a message Friday that simply reads, “ICQ will stop working from June 26th,” and implores users to switch to its other chat solutions.

ICQ 作为鼻祖级的社交软件,终于也落幕了。说实话上次提到 ICQ 这个名字可能都是好几年前了,我刚开始上网的时候,都是连上网先注册一个 ICQ 号码,然后随机找人聊,英语也不懂,就瞎聊。每次上线都申请个新号。互联网田园时代。


Siri will be a key focus of the WWDC unveiling. The new system will allow the assistant to control and navigate an iPhone or iPad with more precision. That includes being able to open individual documents, moving a note to another folder, sending or deleting an email, opening a particular publication in Apple News, emailing a web link, or even asking the device for a summary of an article.

有一些是大语言模型的能力,有一些其实只是苹果没做,小鹏在 G3 年代就已经上车的可见即可说其实已经是类似的能力了。苹果对生态把握比较深,可以让开发者稍微适配实现更好的体验。安卓类似「传送门」的体验也可以快速转化成这个能力。

比亚迪高级副总裁谈“2.9L 油耗”:NEDC 工况更接近国内实际情况

据每经网报道,两天前刚刚上市的比亚迪秦 L、海豹 06 DM-i 宣称百公里 NEDC 亏电油耗 2.9L、综合续航里程 2100km,便有网友质疑比亚迪油耗数据未采用 WLTC 测试标准。
比亚迪集团高级副总裁、DM 技术总设计师杨冬生回应称,“NEDC(即欧洲续航测试标准)去评价油耗相对更科学,它是和老百姓更接近的一个工况。”

比亚迪市场部是底线比较低的,NEDC 是已经淘汰的标准,新标准是 WLTC,用已经淘汰的标准宣传就是典型的双标行为。高级副总裁公然偷换概念,企业价值观可见一斑。


在今天的 State of Play 2024 活动中,索尼公布了旗下《宇宙机器人》新作,本作并非此前的“机能演示 DEMO”类游戏,而是一款 IP 衍生的独立作品,游戏将于 9 月 6 日在 PS5 上发售,6 月 7 日开启预约(IT之家注:非免费游戏,不过目前价格暂不知悉)。

《宇宙探索机器人》是我在 PS5 上玩的最好玩的游戏,没有之一,这个必须得买了。