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I'm legit shocked by the design of@Meta 's new notification informing us they want to use the content we post to train their AI models. It's intentionally designed to be highly awkward in order to minimise the number of users who will object to it. Let me break it down.


Starting in July, you won’t be able to add items to lists on third-party apps like Todoist and AnyList with Alexa voice control through their existing Skills. A post on Amazon’s developer site says it's shutting down access to Alexa Shopping and To-Do lists on July 1st.

Alexa Skills 刚推出的时候,大家认为可能开启了 VUI 的未来,各家厂商也跟进。但是从结果看,VUI 的应用范围十分受限,几年前研究 Alexa Skill 排行和数据的时候发现,最常用的其实一只手就能数出来:内容(音乐故事听书等)、定时、天气、智能家居控制。其他都是其他了。至于这个所谓「Popular」的功能,我看,也没那么 popular 吧。

不要用 Win11 即将推出的 Recall功能

A lot of Windows users just want their PCs so they can play games, watch porn, and live their lives as human beings who make mistakes.. that they don’t always want to remember, and the idea other people with access to the device could see a photographic memory is.. very scary to a great many people on a deeply personal level. Windows is a personal experience. This shatters that belief.

这个叫 Recall 的功能已经被攻破了,不要用,不要用,不要用。如引用所说,大多数家庭用户根本没有让所有操作被记住的需求,只有少量工作电脑才有这个需求(所以 Rewind 也不是一个大众应用),微软把它做成基础功能,配合 Windows 赢弱的安全性,确实是灾难。


位于夏威夷岛的莫纳克亚火山(Maunakea)是当地原住民心目中的圣地,他们认为这里是“大地与天空相遇”的地方。然而从 1960 年代以来,这座火山上却陆续建造了 13 台天文望远镜,这引发了原住民的强烈抗议,他们认为在神圣的火山上建造望远镜是对神灵的冒犯。


Humane warns AI Pin owners to ‘immediately’ stop using its charging case

Humane is telling AI Pin owners today that they should “immediately” stop using the charging case that came with its AI gadget. There are issues with a third-party battery cell that “may pose a fire safety risk,” the company wrote in an email to customers

我之前说过 AI Pin 这玩意本质上就是个夹在衣服上的小天才手表,其实没什么特别严峻的工程挑战,就这还能搞出这么大篓子,只能说这个团队真不行。